Baby Care Case Study

PINCHme raises brand awareness amongst parents with infants.

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Brand partner: House of Nappies

Product:  SNOOKUMS Nappies

Key marketing objectives:

  1. Drive brand awareness across multiple platforms
  2. Drive consideration of House of Nappies brand through positive trial of a sample
  3. Convert tryers to buyers

Target audience:  Parents with children 0-4

PINCHme solution: 

  1. PINCHme homepage buyout for one week
  2. Dedicated product landing page for each size of nappy
  3. Targeted solus eDM
  4. Exclusive offer available to all PINCHme members
  5. Social amplification

  6. Consumer insights


  1. Increased brand awareness; 93% of samplers had not previously heard of the SNOOKUMS brands of nappies
  2. The targeted eDM reached 23,000 PINCHme members and recorded an open rate of 53% (industry average is 24%).
  3. Homepage ad placements recorded over 600,000 impression and drove 2,300 members to the House of Nappies website

For more details about this campaign, download the full SNOOKUMS Nappies Case Study.

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